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Conferences & Workshops with SOG-PRO Participation


Panel „The Many Politics of Structural Choice and Their Effects. Understanding Changes in the Organization of Western European Governments“, Section „The Politics of Bureaucracy“, ECPR General Conference, Oslo, September 6-9

SOG Workshop, Gothenburg, June 6-8

Panel "Linking Bureaucratic Politics to Government Capacity and Administrative Reform", Executive Politics and Governance Specialist Group, PSA Annual Conference, Glasgow, April 10-12


Panel ”The Structure and Organisation of Government (SOG-PRO Project): Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence” , Session RC27 Structure and Organisation of Government, IPSA World Congress, Poznan, July 23 - 28

Panel “Satisfying diverse interests:  Social influence on public policy” and Panel “Explaining the structure of government”, PMRC, Aarhus, June 22 - 24


Session “Organizational Survival and Agency Mergers”, EGPA Annual Conference, Toulouse, August 26 - 28